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Weekly Reading Schedule

  • 2018-04-23 to 2018-04-29 Hebrews Chapters 1 - 5
  • 2018-04-30 to 2018-05-06 Hebrews Chapters 6 - 10
  • 2018-05-07 to 2018-05-13 Hebrews Chapters 11 - 13

The first-century church underwent much persecution, and this letter was written in that setting. The persecution had not yet resulted in martyrdom, but it was severe. The intended readers seem to have been Jewish Christians who were thinking of abandoning their faith and lapsing back to Judaism. So the author exhorts them to hold fast to their confession of Christ as Saviour and Lord.

The author of this letter does not identify himself, but he was obviously well known to the original recipients. For many years Paul was considered to be the author, but since the Reformation it has been widely recognized that Paul could not have been the author. Apollos and Barnabas are those most often suggested. The book was written prior to the fall of Jerusalem.

The theme of Hebrews is the absolute supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ as revealer and as mediator of God's grace. The prologue presents Christ as God's full and final revelation. Hebrews could be called "the book of better things," since the two Greek works for "better" and "superior" occur fifteen times in the letter. Practical application of the this theme are given throughout the book.

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